Session analysis panels

Selecting a timeframe


Setting up a filter.

Selecting a conversion event.

Setting a conversion event allows you to read exact numbers of conversions regarding specific events such as Add to Cart, Subscribe, orPurchase individually. Leave it blank and it will measure conversions on any tracked event.

Numbers Overview panel.

  • Sessions: number of sessions or user individual visits to the site.

  • Conversions: Number of conversions according to the conversion event selected.

  • Transactions: Number of transactions (purchases) that went through our system.

  • Returning Users: Number of users that visited the website 5 days ago or earlier.

  • Active Sessions: Sessions that presented user activity.

  • Bounced Sessions: Single page sessions with virtually no activity.

Conversion & Rates panel.

  • Conversion Rate: Rate of conversion according to selected conversion event.

  • Transaction Rate: Rate of purchases/transactions among your sessions.

  • Returning Users Rate: Rate of sessions by users returning to the website after their first visit.

  • Active Session Rate: Rate of active sessions.

  • Bounce Session Rate: Rate of bounced sessions.

Engagement Time panel.

  • Time in Session: Time between the first page view and the last page view.

  • Average Shopping Duration: Time elapsed between the first page view and the last conversion event on the site.

  • Activity In Session: Biometric measured activity on the page in seconds, a highly accurate representation of time spent while active on the site on a single second interval.

Revenue & Income panel.

  • Average Purchase Value: Average value of each transaction not including additional fees (like shipping etc..)

  • Total Transactions: Total number of transactions.

  • Total Active Shoppers: Total number of shopping sessions both abandoned and resulting in a transaction.